New Partner: Renew Massage

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Renew Massage

Guiding Star Orange City is proud to announce our newest service partner, Renew Massage! Amy Vanden Hull is a Licensed Massage Therapist who is also a mother of two! Amy loves helping women heal mind, body and soul in a natural and holistic way. Offering a wide range of massage therapy options to help for every stage. From detox massages like lymphatic and Qi Gong Massage to pre and post natal. Amy is here to help you feel better, to relax, and to gain confidence in who you are as a women.

To schedule a massage please go online to A portion of Renew Massage service fees from Guiding Star Orange City  clients are donated back to Guiding Star Orange City. So be sure to let Amy know when you schedule your appointment.

Partnering with Guiding Star Orange City was an easy choice!

Everything they stand for from holistic care to respecting our bodies is something that Renew Massage can stand behind and support.

-Amy Vanden Hull


Watch for updates as Amy prepares for an Infant Massage Class for parents. This class will be offered at Guiding Star Orange City and one of our first Family Life Services to encourage bonding and attachment for parents and their children. If you would like more information about the Infant Massage Class please Contact Us.

Welcome Renew Massage to Guiding Star Orange City by visiting the Renew Massage Facebook page to give a “LIKE” and schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one.



Ruben Aguirre

Ruben Aguirre

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