Partner Highlight: Stange Chiropractic

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“Had an interesting pregnancy case last week. Mom was 40 weeks 5 days and scheduled for a home birth, at 37 weeks baby was in a posterior position and we help turn her with the Webster technique and acupuncture. Anyway, mom’s water broke and no contractions started for 36 hours. I had mentioned we could do needle acupuncture to stimulate contractions. She came to our office with her husband. I adjusted her and set needles in points specific to stimulate child birth. 1/2 hour after the treatment she went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl 3 hours later at home with the assistance of her midwife.

Needless to say, everyone involved were happy with the results. So nice when natural methods can assist this God given birth process”. -Dr. Stange


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We are proud to partner with Guiding Star Orange City, along with Orange City Fertility Center. These organizations provide natural methods of fertility control and support. Their service before, during and after pregnancy help families understand the miracle of childbearing and support the many issues that having and raising a child in this world can bring about. Chiropractic care and the loving, natural services provided by Guiding Star help provide safe, nurturing and natural support for all aspects of pregnancy, having and caring for children.

Stange Chiropractic

721 8th St SE
Orange City, IA 51041

Phone: 712-737-6824
Fax: 712-737-6426


Ruben Aguirre

Ruben Aguirre

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