Our Philosophy

The Guiding Star Siouxland honors the Natural Law ethic; a way of life which is given to us by the Creator and is evident through the natural order of creation and human reason, therefore:

We believe:

  • In the inherent dignity of every human being beginning with natural conception and ending with natural death;
  • That every life is unique and holds potential; every life deserves celebration regardless of the circumstances of conception, status, or health;
  • That life naturally begins at conception within women and requires a “yes” on the part of women to be realized. Therefore, women are at the heart of the Culture of Life;
  • In holistic, women-centered solutions to the many challenges women face in our society today;
  • In each woman’s innate ability to nourish life, either physically or spiritually;
  • That fertility and childbirth are natural, healthy biological processes and that knowledge of them empowers women;
  • That abortion and contraception interrupt natural, healthy biological processes;
  • That women should not feel forced to choose between their children and their education and/or career; and
  • That our bodies were created beautifully and deserve respect, understanding, and care.

We seek through the establishment of Guiding Star Centers:

  • To overcome all forms of violence, discrimination, exploitation, and injustice towards women and children;
  • To provide opportunities for community-wide education and discussion on the many complex issues challenging a life-giving society;
  • To create a space dedicated solely to the protection and promotion of Life; and
  • To connect organizations that offer services that build up a Culture of Life, providing;
    • Emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support for life-affirming choices;
    • Alternatives to contraception and abortion and will neither provide nor refer for these measures;
    • Innovative services that honor Natural Law in difficult circumstances involving fertility, pregnancy, family life, medical treatments, and end of life issues;
    • Special assistance to women and families experiencing an unexpected pregnancy; and
    • Education necessary to guide women and families in the natural process of life and fertility.
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