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Price: $5,000.00
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Price: $75.00

Dinner catered by Heck’s BBQ; please contact Kaleigh by calling 712-266-3282 or via email kaleigh@guidingstarsiouxland.org if anyone at your table will need a lenten, vegetarian, or gluten free option.

Pam loves speaking for women’s events, prolife and other non-profit groups, and various events in many cities across the country. Her notoriety increased when her youngest son Tim, quarterback for the Florida Gators, became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. During the nationally televised Heisman broadcast, ESPN aired a portion of an interview that focused on her refusal to abort Timmy when she was advised to do so. She was given an instant national platform to encourage the prolife message. In 2010, Pam and Tim appeared in a Super
Bowl commercial that celebrated family and life, which according to a Barna Survey, resulted in 5.5 million people “having cause to rethink their stand on abortion.” Pam has appeared on “Good Morning America” and other talk shows and won National awards, including the “Hope and a Future” in 2010, Eagle Forum’s “Woman of the Year” and “Witness in the Public Square” in 2012, “Commission for Women’s Inspiring Woman of the Year” in 2013, “Extraordinary Woman of the Year” in 2015, and “National Pro Life Recognition Award” in 2017.

Pam is passionate about encouraging people of all ages to trust the Lord with all their hearts for all their lives and use the incredible influence God has given them to eternally impact their world. This is the subject of her first book RIPPLE EFFECTS (Tyndale House Publishers) to be released Mother’s Day 2019.

to our underwriters for the evening

For questions or to financially underwrite this incredible evening, contact kaleigh@guidingstarsiouxland.org.
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