Fertility Care Consults

Guiding Star Siouxland offers Fertility Care Consults, free of charge! Whether you are a mother wanting to help your daughter track her cycles naturally as they begin, a single woman wanting to focus on her health, a couple trying to achieve or avoid a pregnancy naturally, or a woman at the end of their fertility journey, we want to help you find a Fertility Awareness Method that works for you!

Our staff will can provide education on the following:

1. Mainstream artificial methods of avoiding or achieving a pregnancy, backed by evidence based education to help you understand, embrace, and love your natural body!

Fertility Care Consults_Woman

2. The Benefits of Fertility Awareness at any age

3. Fertility Awareness for Singles

4. Natural Family Planning Methods for achieving or avoiding a pregnancy, including Billings Ovulation Method, Creighton Model of FertilityCare, Couple to Couple League, Marquette Method, SymptoPro Fertility Education, and FEMM.

5. Information on Adoption in Iowa

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