Support Groups

Guiding Star Siouxland is proud to offer a variety of peer-led support groups! 

  • 4th Trimester CircleThe fourth trimester is the period of time from baby’s birth until three months of age. This time frame mother and baby go through so many changes and adjustments. This time and beyond can bring a lot of questions and concerns for parents. The 4th Trimester Circle support group is on Facebook and holds in person meet ups at Guiding Star Siouxland on Mondays from 9am-11am to support parents with these questions and concerns. We will feature a weigh clinic for baby, on site student lactation consultant, an area for parents to share and explore options, and more! All children and parents are welcomed.
  • LATCH Breastfeeding Support Group – Latch is the Breastfeeding support group for all mothers in any stage of their breastfeeding journey. It is a place for encouragement peer education. The Latch group is on Facebook and has in person meet ups at Guiding Star Siouxland on Mondays from 9am to 11am. During this group, our Lactation Consultant is available for complimentary support.
  • Cloth Love – Guiding Star Siouxland Cloth Love is a group for parents who are interested in learning more about cloth diapers. It is a great place to find support and education about how to clean cloth diapers, favorite brands, and more!
  • Wrapped – Wrapped is a group for mothers who love carrying their babies and toddlers! Find support and education about different wrapping techniques, safety, and a variety of different brands or styles of wraps. WRAPPED usually has in person meet-ups the last Friday of every month at 11am, right here at Guiding Star Orange City.
  • Rainbow Mamas – This group is for mothers pregnant with or who have birthed rainbow babies (babies after loss). It is a place for encouragement and a safe place to share fears, joys, pain, and healing. This is a private group, so if you would like access, please contact:
  • Endo Warriors – Endo Warriors if for women in all stages of their Endometriosis journey. It is a place to share information, provide support, and guide each other as they navigate the journey.
  • Green Period The Green Period Group is for everyone who is interested or already using reusable feminine products, such as reusable pads, menstrual cups, and more! Get tips and tricks, as well as support and information from other women. Green Period occasionally has in-person meet ups, so join the group or keep an eye out for upcoming events!
  • Hopeful HeartsIt is peer lead and has in-person meetings on the first Monday of every month at 6pm. Find support, validation, and encouragement from others on the same journey.

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