About Us

Who We Are

The national Guiding Star Project was born out of the conviction that women deserve far more than the current standard for mainstream women’s medical care.

Guiding Star Siouxland is part of a national movement to create a wholistic, truly empowering healthcare alternative to the juggernauts offering suboptimal medical “care” to women.

We believe there’s a problem with today’s feminine medical care

The looping message from the mainstream medical community teaches women their natural bodily state is not enough. They teach women they must fight and change the natural, normal functions of their bodies to squeeze into societal molds. Standard medical protocols today aren’t concerned with what’s best for a whole woman’s health, and women and babies are the ones who suffer.

The modern mainstream healthcare culture makes women feel alone and uncomfortable with their bodies. Practitioners are too preoccupied to take time to connect women to the resources they need and empower each woman with the message that she has the strength to be the hero of her story.

Guiding Star Siouxland’s solution: Wholistic women’s healthcare

We serve women with a whole-life approach that honors their bodies and hearts. We believe each woman who comes to our center is much greater than a number or a problem to be solved. She is a natural wonder who deserves medical care that actually cares about her.

We empower women to learn about, embrace, and love their natural bodies. We greet women on various stages along their individual journeys and welcome them into the Guiding Star Project community.

Guiding Star Siouxland believes that instead of punishing a woman’s body for its mystical ability to create life, we should honor it by helping women understand their natural design and teaching them healthy Fertility Awareness-Based Methods.

We also provide one-stop access to services and support for women’s physical, mental, and familial health over the course of a lifetime. We know women are capable of being the heroes in their own stories, but we also know everyone needs a guiding star on this journey through life.

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